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Location in the heart of the city raises the company's prestige and credibility. Virtual Office allows you to establish and operate business in the city center without having to rent expensive office space. For our clients we offer facilities in Warsaw, where prices vary depending on location and services of the selected option, as shown below:

We offer you the following services:
  • Prestigious Adress -in which the entrepreneur achieves the opportunity to register his company at the prestigious address in the city center. In addition to the excellent address the entrepreneur does not have to worry about the collection and handling of correspondence provided by experienced and qualified consultants;
  • Prestigious Adress Plus - is an extension of the Prestigious Adress package with additional services of scanning incoming mail (up to 15 letters/ month) and placing the company's name in the lobby;
  • Virtual Office enables the Client to establish and operate the company in a high-class office building, without having to rent expensive office space. Besides receiving both - the address for registration and service of handling & scanning the incoming correspondence, the entrepreneur also gets dedicated telephone and fax numbers. In addition, the company's name appears in the lobby of the building, what definitely has a positive effect on the enterprise's image;
  • Work Place -refers to the idea of "co-working", a specially designed open space, where the representatives of several companies work together. The workplace not only includes access to your own desk or a seat next to a shared large desk on weekdays, during office hours, but also enables the entrepreneur to register the company at a prestigious address and take advantage of handling correspondence service. In addition our clients also receive access to a full office infrastructure, the Internet, as well as a dedicated telephone number.
Our offer is constructed so that we are able to provide comfort and ease both when registering your company, as well as for the purpose of running an office efficiently. We strive for our customers to be able to focus on their own business, thereby offering complete administrative services covering:

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