Limited liability company is a legal entity. This company may be formed by at least one natural or legal person, provided that in its government may sit only natural persons. The minimum initial capital of LLC is 5.000 PLN and the nominal value of the share is 50 PLN. LLC takes responsibility for its obligations with its all assets.

Registration of a LLC is a time-consuming process that requires extensive knowledge of economic laws. So let's entrust all the formalities to our experts whose knowledge and experience ensures professional preparation of all documentation.

The registration procedure of a limited liability company in Poland with our assistance takes no more than 2 - 3 weeks, and covers:

  • The drawing up of a company contract as well as other required documents
  • The arrangement of a meeting with a notary to sign the company contract.
  • The preparation by our consultants of official forms, and their submission at the appropriate economic court in order to:
    1. register the entity at the National Court Register
    2. register the entity at the REGON (National Statistical Office)
    3. register the entity with its respective tax authority (Tax ID and VAT)

The formation and registration of a company as described above, including fees, taxes and our services net value costs EURO 1.500, and covers:

  Notary Fees (fees, tax, etc) 250,- Euro
  Sworn Trnaslator Fees 150,- Euro
  Stamp Duty (VAT, KRS entry copy, authorisations) 50,- Euro
  Court Fees 400,- Euro
  Our services net value for Company Registration 650,- Euro

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