Brand-New Companies

Founding and registering new companies is a time-consuming process which can take up to four weeks. Our company offers ready companies, thus securing a quick and effective start on the Polish business market.

Start-up prices in EURO:






Purchase of Ready Company

1 day

1 000,-


  1 500,-

Registration of New Company

2 - 3 weeks



  1 000,-

The only founder and shareholder in ready companies is Nobel sp. z o. o. (LLC). We provide a warranty that the companies founded by us had never conducted any business activities, they do not possess any assets, employ no people, nor do they have any trade obligations.

At the moment of sale, the ready companies are fully formed legal entities, having:

  • a registered office address in Warsaw
  • a company capital of PLN 5000
  • a company contract which can be changed at the wish of the Customer
  • a National Court Register (KRS) number
  • a Statistical registration (REGON) number
  • full registration for taxation purposes (CIT, VAT/VAT EU)

At the customer's request anything about the company can be modified, like the address, membership on the board, etc. The changes are reported and registered properly with the appropriate public authorities.

We also offer to our Customers registration of companies according to the individual requirements of future shareholders .

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